Oct 26, 2008

Where Are The Top Gun Marketers Hanging Out?

Every once in a while a Real GEM in the marketing world comes along that offers real value to anyone looking to learn how to market online.

To become a better networker or online marketer, you need to rub elbows with the true leaders in the networking industry.

It's a simple formula for success:

Find people already doing what you want to do or acheive and Learn and then DO what they have done and then Have the results they have.

Well here is a where the Top Gun Marketers are hanging out.

I'm talking about a really buzzing online community of "Real" marketers not out trying to get you to buy something, they don't need you to buy anything because they already have customers.

This is where they hang out online and share information about truely building any successful online business. ANY business includes your business and this "wateringhole" of online experts are sharing all this goldmine of traffic generating, leads generating, customer attracting and website traffic building info and are not charging a thing for it. Zip Nada!

I joined this community less then a year ago and have generated over $2688 in automatic sales and 145 of the most receptive, responsive and eager-to-get-started leads that have ever come across my desk in 12 years of marketing anything, and I generate this every month with very minimal effort on my part!

This all happened because I ran across this website where marketers hang out and started reading and applying what I read and heard there.. Learn, Do, Have. Now a short time later...


What I have learned has nothing to do with any one particular business so you don't have to buy anything. Once again, this is NOT a sales pitch. What I learned can be applied to any business online or offline and has more to do with Rubbing Elbows With The Marketing Leaders and how to make it rub off on you so you get the results that leaders get.

You own it to yourself to get good advice about growing a business or marketing a business and who knows how better then a marketing leader with real practical experience they are willing to share with you?

Take advantage of this opportunity. You will be receiving real and powerful training from the top Social Media and Web 2.0 experts in the industry. It’s completely FREE and the quality is unprecedented in this industry.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
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Oct 24, 2008

Ten Tips for Generating Traffic

So you have a website and you have a product that you want people to know about.

That's nice.

Now what?

Without traffic, and lot's of it. You're sunk.

Here are ten tips for generating traffic to your website.

1. Commit to a Plan
If this is a hobby, you can feel free to skip this step. However, if like most Internet Marketers you are interested in making money then develop a plan for reaching your niche Internet audience and stick to it.

2. It's Never Too Late To Start SEO'ing
Even if your site is already built you can start SEO'ing with new content that you ad (like articles... hint hint ;) ). Don't get carried away with this, just add your meta tags description, keywords & title. Your article needs to start with your keyword phrase as well as having that same keyword phrase appear near the top and at the bottom of the article. The best way to accomplish this is by using the bum marketing approach to article writing.

3. Why Stop with a Website
Building a free blog while linking your website with your blog and back again is a really really good idea. If you create content rich pages (like articles... hint hint ;) ) of interest to your niche audience and link your website and blog together at those pages you will be doing yourself a terrific favor.

4. Get Social
Today's web is very interactive which means you have to be interactive. Using social bookmarks and building social networks are two excellent ways of doing exactly that. MySpace is probably the most well known while Facebook & LinkedIn are excellent sources to consider in their own right.

5. Got Video?
Creating videos is an excellent way of building your Internet exposure. You can put those videos in different spots like YouTube for optimum exposure and success.

6. This Links For You
Both 4 & 5 of this list are excellent ways of getting backlinks to your website. If you search it out you will find that backlinks are more valuable to a website today than swaplinks are. However, that certainly doesn't mean you should abandon swaplinks altogether. Just be sure that those you choose to swap links with are highly relevant and niched to your target market else all your work will be for not.

7. Writing Articles
Earlier on in this article I mentioned two concepts.
Creating content like articles or videos for that matter.

Bum Marketing.
You really need to know more about bum marketing. It' easy, profitable and best of all free.

8. Be Interactive
Correspond with people from your blog. Be actively involved with niche related forum and blogs. Use Yahoo Answers to find questions people are asking and provide them relevant useful answers. Whatever you can do to show that you really are interested in a given niche will return rich dividends in the end.

9. Use Classified Advertising
My favorite place for this is not Craig's List!
I know. I know. Everyone else seems to love them, but in my opinion they are too restrictive.
My personal favorite is USFreeAds. Especially since they pay you to refer people to them. It is a really sweet deal.

10. Bookmark This Page
Bookmark this article as a favorite and refer to it often. Implementing every detail of this list after just one read would be quite challenging. Choose 2 or 3 ideas, run with them and when your ready come back looking for more possibilities to build upon.

Are these the only ten tips for generating traffic to your website? Absolutely not. For example I didn't say one word about the benefits of E-mail newsletters. However, these certainly are 10 good ideas that should not be ignored.

Oct 21, 2008

Advantages to Generating Your Own Leads

What do you do after you run out of your warm market?

That’s the age old secret to success in network marketing.

If you want to be successful long term you are going to have to learn how to generate leads on people you don’t know.

Lead Generation Companies
One way many network marketers do this is by purchasing leads from a large lead generation company.

Lead generation companies are in the business of generating large numbers of leads as cheaply as possible so they can sell them to as many network marketers as possible without diluting the leads.

At least the good ones are.

The bad ones could care less if the lead has been sold to hundreds of network marketers already.

Disadvantages of Lead Company Generated Leads for Your Business Opportunity
Here’s why a lead generation company can never compete with you when it comes to generating the type of leads you need.

1. It would cost too much.
To generate a lead that has already been pre-sold on what you have to offer would cost so much no one would ever buy it. Lead generation companies need to keep their leads as generic as possible so they can make money.

2. They can’t pre-screen the prospect effectively.
In order for a lead generation company to generate enough leads at a profit they have to keep the offer as generic as possible.

If you have ever seen an ad by a lead generation company, you know all they ask in the ad is if you are interested in starting a home business. If you are, they ask for information such as your name, address, phone number, email address etc.

People fill these forms out for a variety of reasons. Some are just curious to see what it is and they have no intention of starting a business right now. Some are really looking for a job and don’t have the money to start a business. Some websites that generate leads actually pay the prospect to fill out these surveys.

Advantages to Generating Your Own Leads for Your Network Marketing Business
When you generate your own lead you can properly pre-screen the lead by making an offer that is specific to the type of prospect you are looking for.

There are many techniques you can use to do this that a leads company cannot.

For instance you can create an article that gives value related to a topic your prospect is interested in.

When the prospect views your content and then clicks for more information you can brand yourself with a picture of yourself and your name.

When they sign up to join your list you can brand yourself with follow-up emails where you are able to provide continuous value and presell them on you and your expertise.

This way when you place your offer in front of them or call them, they are more likely to listen and buy.

Generating Leads from Your Specific Target Market
A lead generation company can’t discuss specific topics and issues that make the lead highly targeted. You can.

If you are looking to recruit single mothers into your business, you can create an article on Squidoo, Hubpages, your blog or a website that addresses issues a single mother can relate to.

When that single mother responds to your offer in your follow-up emails you can continue to hone in on issues related to single parents.

You can continue to presell your network marketing opportunity and why it’s specifically right for single parents.

By the time that prospect receives a phone call from you or an offer from you she is going to be ready to buy.

A lead generation company can never do this and stay in business.

They need to keep their offers as generic as possible so they can sell their leads to as many different types of home business owners as possible. If they did generate a lead with an offer specific to your company, the lead would cost $5 to $10.

Learn to Generate Your Own Leads at Magnetic Sponsoring
Generating your own leads is dramatically more effective than buying leads from a lead generation company.

If you want to learn how to generate leads efficiently and effectively check out inside Magnetic Sponsoring. It has step by step tutorials to show you exactly how to get started.

Growing Bigger Daily,

Frank Tocco--MLMMentoring

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Oct 17, 2008

MLM Prospecting ..... Who Do YOU Target??

Let's take a look at the most common teaching of "make a list of your friends and family". How many times have you had an upline tell you that? How many times has it worked? What is the reality of the situation?

I think it's a very important subject .... especially since it goes against the grain of many long-held beliefs in 'quick start' guides in the network marketing industry. I'd like to pose a non-threatening question to everyone ....

How much money have you made pitching your products or opportunity to your friends and family?The reality of the situation is .... hardly anyone that has been successful in the MLM industry has done so by recruiting their friends and family alone. Let's take a quick look why.

First of all, it's time to start looking at your business as a serious business. This is serious BUSINESS, not a fly by night try and generate a few dollars. If you approach it as such, why would you think the key is recruiting your friends and family?

If you were opening a gas station for example, would you rely on your friends and family to purchase enough gas from your station to make a living? (I don't know about you, but I know my friends and family don't buy enough gas for that!) More than likely I will find some professionals to help with advertising and get the name of my station in front of a lot of people that buy gas. Who is the big market? Someone that buys a lot of gas perhaps due to their work or better yet for their work or business.

Why not take the same approach to our network marketing business? Why not find people that are good at creating large networks of consumers for products? Find and work with professionals.

Find people that are already sold on the network marketing way of doing business? Does this mean we are going to flood Forums and online social networks with a flood of recruiting ads for our business .... and have them all come join us? Of course not.

This industry is in constant flux. There are always companies doing well while there are constantly companies that are not doing so well. There are always successful team builders looking for new companies to work with. Why not find a way to work with these.

Here's some advice .... good for anyone in this business. This is a quote from Dr. Napoleon Hill by the way. Many of you may already be aware of his ideas.

Dr. Hill writes:
"We share nothing we plan to achieve with anyone except those who believe in us and who are in complete sympathy with our plans."

So, do you share your products with friends and family? My opinion: Sure, especially if it's something they are already using and you know they will benefit in some way by getting it from you. But do it selectively .... don't drown everybody in the family tree

.Do you try to get them to "join"? No, not unless you know they are searching for something. Then, just share with them what your business is, but by all means, don't try to talk them into it. Let the decision be theirs alone.

Don't get me wrong here either. You shouldn't start with just any cold market. That will get you zero product sales and zero sign ups unless you're a very experienced salesperson. What you want to do is target (through advertising) the people who have already expressed interest in your product or starting a business opportunity. You may not already know them, but they're aleady 'warm' to your particular product or service.

So they are actually "warm" .... but more in an "interest" level rather than a "relationship" level. Does that make sense? There are many many ways to do this both on and offline, and many threads on this forum that discuss these techniques in detail. Basically, this thread isn't the place to repeat all that! But take the time to read through these type of posts and ID an approach that sounds feasible to you.

You'll find it a whole lot easier to sell your products to people who actually want to hear about them.In my eyes, most of your friends and family do not fit into that group. There may be one or two who may have a need for your product or have a desire to start a business, and that's fine, but PLEASE don't depend on this group to get you started or create a foundation for your new business.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
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Oct 15, 2008

Lessons From The Most Successful Social Media Campaign To Date

One of the most successful social media projects to date is the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. Using social media to create an online presence that captured over 1 million email addresses in less than 18 months and helped to raise over $250 Million in donations.

Look beyond the politics and let’s see how we can apply lessons learned from this campaign to promote, expand and grow our business online. This is a fantastic case study to learn how to leverage the power of social media and the multimedia to propel a message and engage a market to respond.

Let’s go now to a video interview with with Jascha Franklin-Hodge, co-founder and chief tech officer for Blue State Digital, who actually did the work for the Obama campaign. They created the websites that captured all those emails. The primary websites are: BarackObama.com and my.BarackObama.com

These are the guys who have the uncommon, practical experience that are never found in books and most often is not even documented or written down. So…

…forget about your political affiliations and listen to this interview that provides an overall promotional and engagement strategy for what looks to be the most successful social media initiative to date. You would be doing yourself a real disservice if you didn’t study as much as you can about How Obama really did it…

This insightful interview Using Social Media As A Promotional Strategy is well worth your time.
Here’s the interview: http://barack20.com/downloads/Audio%20Webinar%201

Frank Tocco—MLM Mentoring

Oct 9, 2008

GET PAID To Generate Your Own Responsive Leads

I have been using Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard since May of 2008 and so far have had impressive results generating my own free leads and sales.

Using traffic exchanges and not spending any money advertising I have been able to make about $500 a month in commisions total and automatically. I have built a downline on the traffic exchanges over the last couple years already so I'm sure this has helped.

What I like about Magnetic Sponsoring is the support is amazing and allows you to track all your campaigns by total click, sign-ups, sales and commisions. These leads are yours and yours alone and NOT shared leads so they are very responsive to offers and you can download them to a file for your own autoresponder but they also get follwed up for you.

Mike Dillard also has a free website for networkers called BetterNetworker that is truely a valueable asset to any serious network marketer.

Now that I'm making money to generate my own targeted, responsive leads instead of buying over-used leads, I will be redirecting the $500 profit torwards advertising to get even more leads and sales for my online business.I will post my results in a future post.

Also, I just purchased Daegan Smith's Power Prospecting System that teaches how to generate your own leads and convert them into sales without ever having to pick up the phone and will report how that works after I get a chance to use it.

If you have any experience using either of these programs, please share your experiences and advice by leaving a comment below with a link back to your site.

Thanks and god bless,
Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
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Oct 1, 2008

Four Easy Ways to Kill Your Business Using Your Autoresponder... ... And How to Avoid Them!

The importance of building an opt-in list over spamming (a.k.a., using unsolicited commercial email) is something that I can never stress enough. You must avoid it at all costs! That and more can kill your business!

NEVER use your autoresponder for spamming in any way. You can lose your account, pay fines, get locked out from your ISP, lose your website and, above all, get jail time. It's a serious matter that must never be overlooked.

Sure, you may stumble onto someone who says they can help you spam without getting caught. But please remember this...

The reason you want the GetResponse autoresponder is to expose your sales message more than once to your prospects in order to create trust, credibility and believability.

So, why would you do something that literally contradicts that very notion? Spamming is good if it's done once. That why spammers must keep spamming in order to stay alive!

Spamming is Like a Drug

Spamming is like a brief high... If it works (and it rarely does), it only brings a small cash infusion in the short term. That's all. You have to remain unknown, cloaked, hidden. Then you have to work, and work, and work... Non-stop!

On the other hand, if you build an opt-in list of eager, highly targeted prospects, you only need to work once... That's it! You can spend the rest of your time growing your business.

Your GetResponse should be used to build your business, your credibility and your "backend" (such as additional offers). That's where most profits are made! Here are four seemingly easy ways of using your autoresponder that can kill your business really fast...

NEVER email a list of non-targeted email addresses picked at random (such as by using software to "harvest" email addresses posted on the web).

NEVER buy lists of email addresses from unknown list brokers or suppliers (many of them offer thousands of names on CD-ROMs, are often useless and are known as outright scams). Trust reputable ones only.

NEVER email any contact unless you have their explicit permission to do so (and that includes adding email addresses in bulk to your autoresponder database!).

NEVER share your own opt-in list to others, since their spam will kill your business even if it wasn't your fault! Spam can get in a lot of hot water, plain and simple. GetResponse does not teach nor encourage anyone to use spam. That's why building your opt-in mailing list is the most profitable and safest! way to do business online. Why "Opt-in" and Not Spam?

As you know, using responsible email marketing to grow your business can help you save loads of time, fatten your bank account and give you an astonishing return on investment. Instead of using spam, think about starting a legitimate opt-in list of targeted prospects, and then turn them into life-long customers by consistently keeping in touch with them.

Spammers usually don't care if the people who receive the message are really interested or "not" in their offer. That's why they tend to send an inordinate amount of emails... ... All with the hope that they get a few "bites."

Look at it this way... If you shoot a gun in the air (or in the dark), you will seldom hit a target. That's why you have no choice but to keep shooting and shooting... Until you finally do hit it (if ever). With an opt-in list, however, look at it as your target...

It's right there, before you, easy to hit (and hard to miss). Your chances of hitting your target are drastically higher. Right? The absolute best way to protect yourself from complaints and disgruntled email recipients is to build an opt-in email list and sending email to only those people who asked for it. Spammers are often enticed to carry out their unethical (and illegal in some places) practices because email is free and fast.

But if you remember, it lacks the third "F:" Focus. If You Lack Focus, Be Prepared...

Spammers with such an attitude find out the hard way that it's really very costly, even dangerous. In fact, some of the recipients can make the spammer's life quite miserable! From complaining to your ISP or web host, to sending mail bombs, nasty viruses and even significant threats from hacking into your computer to causing physical harm!

Plus, nowadays many recipients are members of a variety of anti-spam groups that arm members with tools for tracking, reporting, filtering and even stopping spammers' attempts! Of those, the most popular one is CAUCE (i.e., the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email). They have created a number of tools, such as blacklists, now used by most ISPs. Finally, keep in mind that email software (and "add-ons") are making it more and more difficult for spam to reach its final destination, from sophisticated filters to complaint reporters. Less than a half-percent of people will get your spam!

Save Time, Effort and Money!

Building an opt-in list has a number of advantages. Sure, you can build trust with and sell a lot easier to a list of targeted people. But in addition, responsible email allows you to: Send email offers to a group of people who know you, expect your emails and want to do business with you.

Achieve greater sales, even from a small list, since it is targeted (and will get through most email filters since your newsletter is added to the recipients' "whitelists"). Not upset anyone since they have given you their permission to email them, as well as not get in trouble with service providers since no one is complaining. Not waste time, money and energy on buying and setting up email cloakers, spam-friendly servers, fake email accounts and useless bulk email software. And, above all, not waste time constantly looking for a new ISP (and moving your website from host to host) because your last one closed your account!

But don't forget that you should also follow a few rules, even with your opt-in list. With each email you send, add removal instructions. (GetResponse adds it automatically!)

If you're putting those people who asked for more information via an autoresponder into an opt-in list, make sure they know:

1) they're subscribing and

2) their email is kept private! Treat your subscribers like gold... They're your lifeblood!

Minimize complaints by making it as easy an as transparent as possible. In other words, tell them what they will get from you, how often and how easy it is to stop it at any time. In fact, adding a privacy policy on your website or near your web form (or accessible near your autoresponder link) will increase the likelihood of getting people to join your list.

It can be as simple as this...
PRIVACY POLICY: Your email address is safe with us.
We promise never to sell to or share with anyone,
for any reason, your personal contact information.
But if you want to create a more complete privacy policy web page (and perhaps have a link to it near your web form), here's some information you might tell your prospects...

WHAT information is being collected (such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, etc).

WHY the information is being collected (tell them that it's for a free report, ezine or whatever, and if you plan on adding their information into an opt-in list for sending periodic announcements or special offers).

WHEN that information is being used (tell them exactly how often do you plan on emailing them).

WHO will be using (or accessing) that information (while you should be the only one, here you might include staff, service providers, partners, etc).

WHERE the information is actually stored (tell them that the information is also secure from hackers with GetResponse our servers are safely located in a secure data center with ultra-reliable protection).

And HOW to remove or modify that information (tell people exactly how they can update or change their details, or remove themselves from your list). Bottom-line, make your opt-in list safe and secure for both you AND your prospects. The more you do, the greater your profits will soar! Be responsible and use common sense! Make it Personal!

Finally, try to personalize your email messages. Personalization increases trust and confidence. But more importantly, it also shows that your message was voluntarily asked for. With GetResponse you can ask for extra information via a web form. The beauty of this process is that you can insert the information you collected into your emails.

Personalized messages get the attention of readers and can dramatically increase the readership. In fact, readers will be more receptive and attentive to your marketing message. Whether your message is a plain text message or HTML, you can easily add personalization tags in the message: like the reader's name, address, email addresses or even website!

Personalizing your messages will increase your sales!

For example, put the reader's first name in the subject line. First, it will show that the message is wanted and not spam. But second, studies show that it will actually be read first! Next, personalize the message content! That way, you not only give the reader content that's relevant to them, but also give your message a more trustworthy and credible "feel!" Ultimately, realize that personalization not only increases readership, response AND revenue, but it also increases the chances of it reaching its final destination in the first place! Avoid being filtered out as spam!

Start Building Your List Today! Sign up for an autoresponder like GetResponse PRO... And you not only avoid the risks and ravages of spam, but you also increase trust, credibility and sales!

...and please leave your comments with a link back to your website.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring
P.S.--If your comment or question gets used in a future post you can win a free Ad Blast with your link to the entire community list of over 30,000 people.