Nov 29, 2009

Explosive Social Media Tactics

First, let's define the term explosive results for our use.

When you visualize something explode, think of a burst of energy, often associated with fire, for some reason - probably the fault of our favorite action movies.

I love watching things fly as long as I know nobody really got hurt - not only films, but in promoting the website. And a smart strategy for social media not only takes several thousand links to various social sites. That can provide visibility Web Premium, more targeted visitors, and bring you closer to your existing audience.

A social norm of the media campaign helps spread the word about you and encourage other people too.

An explosive social media viral campaign of inherent exposure, inspires community-driven media, helps the web a better place, and even bring joy to people, however fleeting.

When sharing in social media, if the goal is to get more people to see your links, you are in the right direction, but at the same time, it is limiting its potential. You may think that getting explosive results of social media will take more time, energy and money, but this need not be the case.

If you own a business, you know that working more is not necessarily better results - What if you are working hard in the wrong?

Sometimes the remedy is working smarter. Here are a few small changes you can make in its approach to social media that can boost their performance of social media warm to hot smoking.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 1 - Hot Content

The cornerstone of any social media campaign is the content. If you get this part wrong, no matter if all other elements are right. Study what is happening in their specific subject heat and find a unique angle to fit your content into what people already know how, without stealing their ideas.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 2 - Red Shades niche

The focus of most submissions to social media sites, most likely to be viral, if you share links with others or your own. Here's the logic.

People follow others with similar interests. They are on sites like Google, Yahoo, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Digg actively looking for new content. Put the two together and have a whirlwind of clicks happening. The only question is, will your link is clicked it happened?

An average of 5,000 connections on Twitter or Facebook is useless if you are connected to people who do not want your broadcasts, and you're as useless to them unless you want to hers. If my focus is on improving my existing business and is trying to get me to sell their products network marketing no matter how many times you ask me. If I do not care, continued broadcasting will be ignored, or worse, completely blocked.

It's about the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

And if I'm not paying attention to you, I can not spread their message. If you are in network marketing, why not go after people who love the concept of network marketing, but can not seem to find the right company? That is a perfect combination, and can drastically reduce their search for suitable partners and prospects.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 3 - Simplifying Sharing

It amazes me how many people miss this one.

You have great content. You have a vast network of niches.

Why feed them content that is difficult to share? Makes the report must be in PDF format? If so, it must be behind an opt-in the wall if you spread it among people who have already opted in? Anyone connected to your business through its Facebook page, Twitter or your flow is also part of its delisting. Yes, it would be better if they were on their list of BBS, but what quicker way to reach your destination to show that it is necessary to keep prisoners there?

If the white paper is of great value such that you do not want to spread, well, that's something different. But if you are sharing it for others to spread, making it easy for others to share.

Send your link for all they have to do is click the thumbs up button.

Put an exchange of a few links on the page.

Make it easy for them ReTweet.

The easier it is for them to share, the more likely they are to do so.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 4 - Consistency

And now we come to the area not at the most. One of the things I know I have to do, but I have not quite gotten the fall brainstorming on how to create and distribute content on the consistency of quality, and yet provide better service and support to my clients and customers . I always err on serving people who bought from me, thinking that the next blog post can wait until tomorrow.

Then at some point, I noticed a decrease in the return traffic - people do not come back, because I had heard all he had to say. The solution? It helps me for my content creation process. The ideas are still mine, but I was able to barter support for research, transcription and editing. I can also get audio and video polishing a much lower cost than I thought, though not always use this option due to time constraints.

The other thing that helped a lot was over my perfectionism complex. Free your content as soon as possible. I can not tell you how much money they have left on the table of my old fear of the errata and the grammar police. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I was hanging out of my public.

He subscribes to something because you want to get regular updates. If your favorite daily news began to arrive once a week, probably will change channels. If you are incompatible, without explanation, the audience numbers and the fall of the network will vanish.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 5 - Think of commitment

Measuring the outcomes of his visit to a page by itself is a thing of the past. When the web was mostly text and pictures, it made some sense of how many pages a visitor found on your site was a true measure of engagement.

Today this is not the case. You want to look instead of how long people are in place. The exception, of course, is when customers come to your site to buy, and order processing system takes them off the page. But if people are not leaving your site because they are willing to purchase or subscribe, you really should look for those who are not paying more attention to its contents, and changes can do to make them stay.

This is very important in understanding the content will naturally viral. What jobs are people staying on your site to comment on? When taking a few extra seconds to retweet? Are they watching their videos across the road?

Once you know the contents of your audience is more connected, and why, you can do more of it.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 6 - three-way connection and communication

That's not a typo. Three-way communication is when the way you conduct yourself online that you look at someone else, who is also, indirectly, is managed by its form or statement. I wish I could credit the author correct this, but I do not remember who was the first to observe that three people are positively affected by an act of kindness - giving person, the person receiving it and the person observing.

An example of this in action is to have a conversation with a colleague about your new product in a social media site. Your friend is likely to want to tell anyone about the testimony you just get, but do not want to be rude or too humble to brag. Ask at the front of your audience, and the conversation is exposed to the connections and re-exposure.

The connection is so important - if communication is the transmission of information, the connection is to do it in a way that the bonds. Several hundred contacts closely linked to spread their message faster and farther than several thousand distant aquaintances.

Explosives Social Media Tactic # 7 - What's for everyone?

In the '80s, we all think about what was in it for ourselves. In the 90s we decided to focus on others, therefore, what is for them. Today, we are in the era of win-win-win. Tell them how it benefits and tie it to their advantage.

Want someone to help publicize their stories? Make sure they know how important it is for you, why did you come to them for help, and how they will be perceived to be the bearer of good news.

You can check the list above and the feeling that is intimidating, but it has to be. Concentrate on doing just one of these things better every day for a few weeks, and before you know it, you'll be doing them regularly. The results obtained will help those new habits stick.

Nov 6, 2009

Discover Profitable Niche Markets

Looking for a profitable niche market or two?

Then I think you'll like this piece called 'Simple Four Step System To Discover Profitable Niche Markets' because it's simple without overlooking important steps.


Do you want an easy way to find profitable niche markets online?

If you answered yes to that question then you should focus your market research efforts on people's wants and problems.

You need to realize that one of the most common reasons people use the Internet is to find solutions to their most pressing problems and to find ways to fulfill their deepest wants and desires.

You can profit from niche marketing by providing these people with information, products and services that helps them get what they want. The following method will help you uncover several of these problems, wants, and desires in several niche markets.

Step 1. Find A Good Keyword Suggestion Tool
There are many keyword suggestion tools online but the only one I use is a paid service offered at...

In my honest opinion it's the best niche marketing research tool on the planet.

With this service you get to see how many times any keyword or phrase has been searched for within their vast database over the past few months as well as a prediction of how many times a keyword or phrase will get searched for across all major search engines over a twenty-four hour period.

They even have a free trial so you can test their service.

There are also several free keyword suggestion tools available online. I recommend the one available at Digital Point Solutions since it returns the first fifteen results from WordTracker's database and even more results from Overture's Keyword Suggestion Tool at the same time.

You can find this free tool here...

Step 2. Do The Research
In this step you will discover several problem and want types of keywords. You can do this by entering broad keyword terms into either of the keyword suggestion tools mentioned above.

Here's an example of some broad of keywords...

- tutorial
- guide
- how to
- instructions
- plans

Go and do some keyword research on any of these and you will get lots of data showing you exactly what people want to find "tutorials" about, "guides" to, and "how to" information for.

Here are some other broad keywords that will help you discover what consumers are looking for online.

-step by step

Using this very simple strategy you'll be armed with a literal gold mine of niche marketing information that you can use to build more profits by creating products and services that solve some of the problems, wants, and desires of people all around the world.

Step 3. Ignore Non-Profitable Markets
During your research you'll come across some keywords that have very little or no market value. Many of them may even have extremely high search counts but as the saying goes quality is more important than quantity.

Some examples of niche market keywords you may want to avoid are celebrity names, fads terms, song lyrics and adult oriented keywords. Those markets are very hard to sell to profitably since they are focused more on entertainment rather than problems, wants and deep desires.

Step 4. Don't Ignore Tiny Niches
Many people may ignore a keyword or phrase that only gets a small amount of searches per-day on the major search engines when this is exactly where the easy profits are. These are the markets that everyone else is overlooking so it is a lot easier optimize your pages to rank highly for they keywords that you want to target since there is less competition.

And even more importantly there are probably very few websites that are actually selling to these specific markets so your competition factor dwindles even more.

Nov 4, 2009

Mass PPV Will Slap Google, Yahoo and Bing Back.

Ok so you have tried most paid marketing platforms such as ppc marketing adwords, media buying and what not. The affiliate marketer’s tool box for promotions is ever growing resulting in mass confusion. You will find more and more wannabe Gurus advocate the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making a quick buck online.

If you've got more SEO tools than money coming in, it’s time to take a look at your marketing strategies and pay close attention.

Years ago adwords was king with most internet marketers trying to master adwords to make a killing in their niche. Some very smart marketers have made millions using PPC and adwords, Perry Marshall being the classic example.

The problem I see daily is that unless you know what you are doing with paid ppc you will see your campaign budget literally disappear overnight.

There is a science to adwords that not many people can master in a short period of time. Especially newbie’s who are setting up campaigns left right and centre.

With the hefty cost per clicks involved in any adwords campaign you need to be looking at the ROI you are getting for your troubles and money invested. The trouble here is keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms, constantly being slapped and sent to implement black hat underground techniques, which don’t work in the long run.

Yahoo MSN and Bing are following the trend. Although it's been said that MSN and Yahoo have great conversion rates. There is a better way of getting fast targeted results.

What if you knew of a secret marketing strategy that allowed you to buy traffic at insanely low prices? I’m talking cents here and not $10 dollars a click.

The Internet marketing industry is becoming more a more aggressive with thousands of people joining the online community every single day, backed by wannabe gurus who are teaching them that they can make quick money online. Leaving them out in the cold while they rake in 6 figure commission checks in their sleep.

Forget the Buzzword make money fast. The New Buzzword is Mass PPV at wholesale prices.

You can make money fast if you know the secret marketing techniques used by the real Gurus in the know, quite frankly you will not hear about their secret techniques that they use to rake in thousands of dollars a month.

Massive Traffic

    GetResponse Email Marketing

    Nov 1, 2009

    How To Get A Top Ranking Article Listing On Google

    I have found that the best results for articles I´ve written create a long-lasting resource for a new lead or sale.

    For example, if you Google right now this:

    powerful social media users you´ll see an article that I wrote months ago that´s still in the top 5 listings for that search.

    Search influencing powerful social media users ranks at #3 position the day of this posting.

    This isn´t to brag, it´s to show it can be done and...

    This is how I did it for starters...

    numbers 5, 6, and 7 were crutial in getting these results.

    1. Be original.

    2. Offer something of value and interest to your reader.

    3. Build trust so the reader sees you as an expert on your topic.

    4. Build curiousity so the reader feels compelled to click on your resource box link.

    5. Select 2 or 3 keywords to include in the title and body of your article so the search engines can find you when people are searching. This makes your article easier to find when people are searching for that information.

    6. Research the 5 main competitors. Google your keywords and see what comes up before writing your article so you know what the top listing look like as far as content.

    7. Promote your article. Twitter it, Ping it, Digg it, Blog it etc. and add it to your autoresponder messages so people will read it and respond to it.

    The results of this top ranking article has not allowed me to quit my day job, but it has created a steady flow of pre-qualified, pre-interested prospects and customers and helped me build a quality list while I´m out doing other things. And it keeps doing this day in and day out. All in all, the time writing it was well spent.

    Hope this helps someone get the most out of their article writing efforts.

    Frank Tocco