Aug 30, 2008

Broadcast Your Website on YouTube

YouTube has become an amazing way to generate free traffic to your site. Just like a website, you can optimize your videos for the YouTube surfers who use the search feature.

Just as someone could type in "golfing tips" in and find your site, they can do the same with your videos on YouTube.


Because you can enter a title and keywords for every video you submit and this information helps people find your video when they do a YouTube search.

More and more people use YouTube every single day and this can funnel quite a bit of traffic to your video... especially if the video is done well.

And not only can you capitalize on targeted YouTube traffic, but you can entertain your own site's audience by embedding your video into your web pages by simply copying and pasting the provided code.

Getting Your Video on YouTube

Computers and cameras are making it easier and easier to get video on the Web. It used to be you had to buy additional software just to get your video on the right format.

Now most digital camcorders come with the necessary software, or your PC or MAC may already have the software you need to make it happen. Plus YouTube accepts so many different video formats, you don't have to worry about converting the file.

Not to mention, Windows Vista has a free video editing program called "Windows Movie Maker" which is super easy to use.

You simply download your video from your camera to your PC. Then open up Windows Movie Maker to make edits to your video. You can add captions, credits, crop and more.

Since Windows Vista is a free program, there are some limitations. For example, you can't control the placement of the captions. So if you've centered yourself in the video, you'll have to deal with the fact that the captions/text may cover your face temporarily.

Also, you can't control how long the credits stay on the screen. After all, the credits are a great place to re-emphasize your website address so you want people to remember it.

But in my opinion, these are very small drawbacks. Remember you only get so much for free and you can still create a nice quality video with this software.

You can see one of my videos below I created with Windows Movie Maker and then uploaded to YouTube...

Other Video Editing Software Options?

If you would like more control over your video, you can opt to by video editing software. I used
to use Pinnacle Studio . Unfortunately my version was not compatible with Vista so I had to stop using it. I'm assuming their later versions are now compatible, so it's worth a look.

It's a big resource hog as far as computers are concerned, but a very nice video editing tool if you don't mind spending the money.

Power Director is another popular program with good reviews. I've never used them, but they seem to have large share of the video editing market.

However, if you're on a budget and you have Windows Vista, then Windows Movie Maker will do just fine for starting out.

And sorry to MAC users, I'm not familiar with options for you but I can only assume you have many more cooler options than us poor Windows users. :)

More Video Production Tips

1. Have adequate lighting.
Make sure people can actually SEE you. What are you hiding anyway? ;-)

2. Don't memorize a script...
unless you're good at delivering it where it doesn't sound like you're talking from memory. I've found if you just talk off the top of your head, it comes across much more conversational and natural.

3. Watch the time.
Your video should be as long as it needs to be, and get to the point. If you start rambling for 10 minutes about nothing, you could lose your audience before the video is finished. If your video seems long, think of ways you can summarize and condense certain points.

4. Check your backdrop.
Remember, this video is representing you and your site. If you've got a junk heap behind you, it will distract your audience. If you don't have a nice background, then just film in front of a blank wall.

5. Watch your filler words.
We don't realize how often we say "Um" and use filler words until we see ourselves on video. It's normal to need a sec to think about what to say next, so practice just being silent in those moments if you are an "Ummer." :)

The Bottom Line

No matter what method or software you use, it's definitely worth experimenting with video to help promote your site. And since YouTube is owned by Google, that can only mean good things if you make a good video and optimize the title and keywords for your audience.

Just like, YouTube can bring you a good amount of targeted visitors, and people can even subscribe to your YouTube channel so they'll be notified any time you add a new video.

And if your video is good enough, others will want to embed it into their sites. What a great, viral way to promote your site and get your name out there.

So take your time making a quality video. Once the viral effect kicks in, it can make quite an impact in your traffic levels.

Aug 24, 2008

Controversial Evidence Of CNN Mind Control Tactics...

So it's a rare occasion... I'm sitting here poking around the net at midnight while watching a special on John McCain which was preceded by a special on Barack Obama.

Now just for the record, I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat. If anything, I'm a Libertarian and if I had my choice, I'd be voting for Ron Paul. If you're a fan of Obama, great. If you're a fan of McCain, great.

Yet as I sit here on my couch, I'm utterly shocked by what I've seen tonight...

Obama's special positioned him as a golden boy who's destined to change the world. McCain has been portrayed as the cheater, the liar, and an opportunist. His wife, as a drug addict and a thief.

Now I respect your views one way or another, and once again I'm not fans of either candidate, but what I'm witnessing is nothing short of intentional mind control...

You see, I'm watching these specials as a marketer and a copywriter, (which is in this case a script writer).

Having acquired the skill of copywriting, I'm absolutely speechless at what I'm seeing. The producer/writer of these episodes is utterly devious, and disgustingly talented...

As I watch the McCain episode, I'm just counting and listing the subconscious implants as they flood through my television...

The following words were pulled out of the McCain "report" in less than 20 minutes...

"odd couple, scandal, cheater, drug addict, divorce, would test patience and tenacity, opposition, label, lied, short votes, frustrated, anger, ugly side, constant struggle, furious, his only worry, attacks, viscous, out of wed-lock, angrily, smear, you got beat, bitter, complained, disaster, not enough resources, flirtation, repair, disastrous start, debacle, lose, combative, unpopular, calculating, oldest..."

Now Obama's turn. This is the second airing of his special, and the following words were pulled from the first 10 minutes...

"biggest crowds, under-dog, caught fire, yes we can, rock star, magnet, making history, next president of the US, unlikely candidate, possible, fascinating, opportunities, wonderful, pure Americana, spectacular, loving, sweet, right vs. wrong, strong, persistent, dream, promise, win, smart, charisma, hopeful, bright eyes, joyful, outgoing, vibrant, brilliant..."

You've got to be kidding me.

My friends, if you don't believe in the power of copywriting, subconscious implants, and persuasion, then you'd better wake-up because you're mind is being controlled by the mass media, and I've just sat here and watched it happen once again from a network that's supposed to be unbiased.

Now just in case you've fallen for that load of BS, "unbiased" doesn't exist in businesses that are out for profit, which are controlled by people who are out for power.

There's always an agenda, and if they can try to frame their twisted content as "unbiased" in order to make it more palatable for us to swallow, they will... And they do. (Every network).

In my opinion, copywriting is the most powerful skill in the world... Nuclear weapons have nothing on the hypnotic power of the spoken, persuasive word, and are in fact, servants of their verbal master.

It is the single, most valuable skill I've acquired.

If you have not invested in your copywriting skills, and mastered this power, you are spinning your wheels and for the most part... Powerless.

Powerless to engage people. Powerless to grab attention. Powerless to interact. Powerless to persuade, powerless to motivate, and powerless to sell.

Those who have mastered the skill of copywriting dominate this market. They produce the most leads, sell the most products, sponsor the most distributors, and make the most money.

If you're computer and book shelves aren't over-flowing with books and courses on writing compelling copy, you're making a HUGE mistake. That's my foundation. That's where I started and what changed everything for me.

So what should you be reading right now? Here's some of my favorite resources...

"The Ultimate Sales Letter", by Dan Kennedy. This is a simple $15 book you can find at Amazon or your local book store. It's a great first-step for everyone.

"Scientific Advertising", by Claude Hopkins. You can find the free PDF of the public domain work with a simple Google search.

"The Copywriters Guild" This is fantastic piece of work that was put together by David Garfinkel, and my business partner Tim Erway. It's an online video course so you can access the content instantly without having to wait for a book to be shipped to your home.

Obviously I'm a little biased towards CWG here, because I know the authors of this product personally, and the content is fantastic, so if you're going to take my advice and brush up on your copywriting skills, I recommend The Guild as your first stop because it's provides the biggest bang for your buck.

Frank Tocco's MLM Mentoring
Shop4Dreams Inc.

Aug 3, 2008

How to Recruit Like Crazy By Listening

When you generate prospects online it's important (especially in network marketing) to call your prospects. We are still in a high touch business and buiding relationships in person or on the phone is very important.

Is it possible to build a downline without "Calling a Single Lead"? Yes, but without personal relationship building within your downline you will experience massive attrition.

I know this from experience because I have recruited many people in the past who would have quit two to three months earlier but didn't simply because I was their sponsor. I encouraged people to try a little harder and stay a little longer. It bought me some time but eventually they dropped out.

Today, I have increased the value in myself, which has increased the value in my team and as a result my attrition has gone down.

There was one skill that has helped me time and time again. I say skill because it took me some time to learn. It wasn't easy to do, even though it sounded easy, but it was highly effective.

When I was on the phone talking with my prospects I had to learn to LISTEN more than I talked.

This was hard for me to do at first because I was nervous, and psychologically I felt that if I kept talking I would be in control of the conversation and would not get caught off guard and have to answer objections.

What happened was just the opposite. I would bombard my prospects with too much information at one time. I would try to CONVINCE people why they should do business with me.

I would also get caught off guard by answering objection after objection. After facing massive rejection I finally learned that I wasn't in control, it was my prospect.

Do you think I recruited like crazy?

Heck No... I couldn't even recruit enough people to recoup my costs.The magic started happening when I began to listen more. Do you know what happens when you listen to people? They feel valued. They don't feel like they are being sold.

It also put's you in control and allows you to direct the conversation. The best way to learn to do this is just jot down a few key questions that you want to ask your prospects and then fill in the gaps.

Just be yourself and don't read from a script, just have a guideline of questions to follow. Remember you are not convincing your prospect to do anything, you are just consulting and sorting.

You only want to do business with people who are a right fit for your business. When you begin listening more you are in a perfect posistion to share with your prospects how YOU can help them. People love to be helped and valued. Can you see how you can recruit like crazy if you master this one skill?

Phone prospecting is not about selling, it's about listening.

So my advice to you my friend if you are on the phone and you feel like you are losing your prospect is to STOP, ask a key question and listen.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor
Shop4Dreams Inc.