Jul 31, 2008

How to Bullet Proof Your MLM Business

Are you relying on the tired tactics of hotel meetings, home meetings and buying expensive leads to grow your MLM business? These tactics are directly responsible for the dismal rate of failure in this industry.

So how can you turn your business around and create a bullet proof scenario for success?
It is actually a very simple plan that can be broken down into 3 easy steps:

1. Begin building on the internet. In todays economy people that are searching for a home based business immediately think of the internet as the first stop for a business. You need to be generating your own free leads using the internet.

2. Put yourself in a position of profit. If you are not making money in your MLM you have a very expensive hobby not a business. When you generate leads as indicated in step one, you need to market products and services to those leads where you make commissions when a lead makes a purchase. Then you can sponsor the real business builders from a position of profit.

3. Drive massive traffic to your landing pages or lead capture pages. It is actually easier today than ever before to drive massive traffic to your web sites. The best way is to tap into the huge traffic sites like YouTube, MySpace, EzineArticles and other social sites offer. It is very easy to build you “reputation” or position yourself as a leader using this free tools.

Using this simple system will allow you to build a MLM business that is immune from failure. The traditional methods taught by nearly every MLM company out there simply will not work for 95% of the population. So start building your business on a solid foundation today.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor and Business Builder

Jul 25, 2008

Work At Home Internet Business Promotion By Articles

Home Internet Business Promotion By Articles
I came across this great article about using articles for work at home internet promotion using articles.there are some great tips here so read it and learn...

Work At Home Internet Business Promotion By Articles
The marketing articles bring a huge benefits: targeted traffic, high search engine ranking, brand building and profits. If you think about your budget, the article writing is free. Even the submission services offer free versions to start your work at home internet business promtions.

The job of a single article is not to climb to the top position at the searcg engine, but to raise your landing page to there. So, despite of the fact that you should always write to the reader, the page rank target requires a certain techniques.

1.Select Two Or Three Keywords.
When you select the keywords before you start writing your work at home internet business article, it is more natural to insert them into the text. Use a quality software, there is no shortcut, period. The keywords should be the same, which you use in your landing page and the keyword density should be around 2 %. Put them into the title, teaser, body and into the Author Box hyperlink.

2. The Title Must Include The Main Keyword Among The First 4 Words.
The title is the most important part of the article, it will make or brake the whole thing. The title must include a promise to the reader, a clear benefit, what he gets when he read the whole thing.Of course the main keyword must bu included, because that is the same phrase, what he has used with the search. The ideal length is about max 12 words, longer works better than shorter.

3.Research The 5 Main Competitors.
The competitors are the 5 top sites on the result page of the selected keyword. Because the page rank is determined by the number and the quality of backlinks, you should concentrate on these offpage factors only. If the top site has links much more than your page has, maybe it is better to change the keyword, because to reach the top means being able to beat the top page.

4. The Author Box Is A Climax Ad.
Remember to write your name into the box. Otherwise the text should be like a persuaisve text ad, which makes the reader to take the action, i.e. to click the link of the landing page. It must tell to the reader, what more useful he gets, when he clicks the link. If your article directories accept hyperlinks, write your major keyword hyperlinked. In this way you will build an anchor text for your website with the keyword related to your website keywords.

5. Write Always Original Unique Content
The search engine spiders can recognize if the content is copied, a dublicate content. If you want your article climb high in the search engines, it must be optimized and original, but if you submit the same article to thousands of directories and websites, then the job of the article is not to climb high but to bring the backlinks to the landing page.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Got Interested?
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Jul 24, 2008

How to Create a Blog With WordPress Or Blogger

Lisa from 2CreateAWebsite.com has this to say about starting a blog or website.
Either one works so why not start both.
Blogs (short for web logs) are not only free and easy to create, but they can help you generate traffic to your existing website.

If you haven't learned by now, the key to building free search engine traffic is to get as many related, high-quality sites to point back to yours. Search engines like Google take this into great consideration when ranking your website.

You can create your own blog that acts as a "related website" to point to your own, and in the long run your blog may attract its own traffic.

Or you can build a stand-alone blog and use that as your main website. The choice is up to you and really depends on your long-term goals.

Blogs can be somewhat limiting comapared to a website, but if you use WordPress, you'll have the flexibility to do so much with your blog's content and layout.

And of course you can always create both a blog AND a website and get the best of both worlds.
Blog or Website? Can't Decide?

My Blog Example

I used to have a blog at Blogger.com, but moved to WordPress (see my WordPress blog here).

And instead of hosting my blog on a 3rd party server (like I did with Blogger), it now sits on my own domain at blog.2createawebsite.com.

Blogger and WordPress are free, but WordPress is much more robust and has a ton of plugins to enhance and help promote your blog.

And even though you don't have to install WordPress on your own domain (you can host it on their servers), I would highly recommend you host it yourself.

There's nothing like the peace of mind and professionalism of hosting your blog (blog.yoursite.com instead of blog.thirdpartysite.com)

Setting up WordPress on your own domain is a snap. All you need is a Web host that offers cPanel/Fantastico and you can install WordPress in 2 seconds.

I use HostGator. Not only are their prices amazingly low, but you can host an unlimited amount of domains under one account.

Installing WordPress was as simple as logging into my control panel, and selecting to install the WordPress script. Within seconds my blog was ready to use.

Now of course I spent a great deal of time customizing it (colors, header, etc.). After all, who wants the out-of-the-box blog that looks like everyone else's. ;) But it was refreshing to discover how simple it was to setup.

Blogger is Still a Good Option, But...

In order to host a blog on your domain like I did with blog.2createawebsite.com, you need to own
your own domain and have a Web host. So if paying for those items is not in your budget right now then Blogger may be a good choice for you.

However, be sure you think long term. If you know this blog is something you plan to expand over time or use for a business purposes, you may want to consider WordPress.

It looks much more professional to have your blog address at yourdomain.blog.com than yoursite.blogger.com. Plus, you'll have the freedom to do so much more with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

People Can Subscribe to Your Blog
Another benefit of creating a blog is that people can actually subscribe to it. You may have heard of RSS feeds (RSS stands for really simple syndication).

It's a growing Internet functionality where people can receive updates/feeds from their favorite sites all at once by using an aggregator or feed reader.

Feed readers are all over the place. You can get them at Google, Yahoo and even Firefox has a built-in aggregator tied in with the Bookmarks feature.

So every time you make a new post to your blog, everyone who has subscribed to your feed will see your new content when they open or login to their reader.

Both Blogger and WordPress automatically create your feed URL so you can begin advertising it to your audience and all over the Web.

Then you can use a free tracking system like feedburner.com to promote and track the success of your blog feed.

Add Adsense Ads
Once your blog starts bringing in traffic, you'll want to maximize the revenue potential by adding Adsense ads. If you aren't familiar with Google's Adsense program,
go here to learn about it.
WordPress has a variety of different plug-ins to make adding the ads to your blog easy as pie. Blogger makes it simple too.

In Conclusion...
Whether you plan to create a stand-alone blog or use it to compliment your existing Web site, they can be a great asset to your online business.

Some of the keys to success include...
Blog with a purpose

Just like a website, a blog should have a focus and target audience. Don't just blog to sell products. Give your audience useful information that will entice them to subscribe. Blogs with too many sales pitches are a turn-off.

Keep it relevant
Remember, people want to know what's in it for them, so your blog's info should be relevant to your audience's needs and desires. Be careful of going off topic.

Blog often when you have good info to share
More is not better when you are putting out junk or recycled material. One of the top reasons people unsubscribe to blogs is lack of originality or the "heard it all before" syndrome.

Add personality
Display a photo. Crack a joke once and while. Let your audience know there's a human behind the words. Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun and develop your unique blog voice.

Read More About Blogging
Wanna read more about starting a blog and chat with other new or soon-to-be bloggers?

Head on over to WebsiteBabble.com.

Jul 22, 2008

The Ultimate Secret To Maximum Website Traffic And Business Growth

Growth Never Ends And Learning Never Stops

Do you want to know the ultimate secret to maximum success in network marketing?

It's not what you think, but it does tie hand in hand with a common misconception many many network marketers have about their business.

What's that misconception?

Most think that you can "Lock in" an income at a certain level once you get a certain amount of momentum going in their business.

This is right, but the idea is wrong.

That's a confusing thing to say, but let me explain it to you . . .

It's right because once you get to a certain level in your business you can literally create so much leverage that no matter what you do you will make more money than you need.

It's wrong to think that that income is locked in.

It's NOT!
At any point in any business your business is either growing or it's shrinking, but nothing is in actuality ever locked in.

When you look at huge success in the industry and outside ofthe industry and you examine their level of income what you see is NOT a steady check.

That won't ever happen in your network marketing business,rather you will still see month to month fluxuations.That is, income from month to month changes. Sometimes that check goes up and sometimes the check goes down, but once you're making $100,000 or more a month on average a swing up or down 10% doesn't matter much, you're expenses are more than covered.

Typically what we see as testimonials on many network marketing websites are not static results.
That guy that gave a testimonial saying how great an opportunity his company is along with a picture of his $50,000 bonus check was on the up swing of things, but over the course of time if you came back to that guy and asked to see his check again it may be more or it maybe less, but it's not that same amount.

On a quick side note: Isn't funny when people present their opportunity to you that they always talk about how awesome of an opportunity it is? When the truth is more like, networkmarketing itself is an awesome opportunity and NOT that particular company.

There are many great opportunities in network marketing, what matters is that you see it in the one you're in and get to work on helping others see it and take advantage of it, but NOT just telling prospects how awesome it is.

Just a tangent . . .Back to the point at hand:
What is important to note about your network marketing business is NOT that you are working to lock in an income,but rather that you are working in a situation of unlimited opportunity.

So if you work hard your income will reach a level that to those who see your big checks may think you've got it made,but once you're there you know the truth, which is next months check may be bigger or it may be smaller and it's up to what YOU do as an individual that determines which direction that income is going to trend.

It's not locked in though . . .The ultimate secret to maximum success in your business is simply this:Your business is always growing in one direction or the other. There never will be a point where your income is "locked in", so if you don't keep striving for greatness no matter how great you may already be, you may be seeing your business grow in the direction you don't want it to.

The job is never done and that's what's so exciting!

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentoring

To learn more about generating free website traffic send you name and email to:
You may publish this article on your blog or website as long as you include the links and give credit to the author.

Jul 16, 2008

Promoting Shop4Dreams Free Website Traffic Generating System

How Do I Promote This Method?

Jesse Bunn from Washington, USA emailed a question about promoting the Shop4Dreams Free Website Traffic Generating System.

The question is: How do I promote this method?

It may seem obvious to some but I believe it's a good question because it makes us think.
Asking simple questions like this and answering them correctly and then testing your answers to see if you're correct is how some of the biggest businesses got their start.

In response to Jesses' question is the following:
Hi Jesse,
Frank here.
Thanks for asking.
How do I promote this method?
The best places to
advertise a way to stop surfing for credits
on traffic exchanges
...you guessed it. ON Traffic Exchanges.

Imagine a traffic exchange as a place where 1000's
of people are surfing for credits so they can advertise their offers.

Everyone is trying to sell something and then your website comes along giving something away for free that the whole crowd needs--traffic credits for a fraction of the surfing time.
The response is amazing...

I have advertised other places but traffic exchanges are a great place to advertise free traffic credits.

Always here to help...
Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor and Business Builder

Imagine that a traffic exchanges is a room full of people saying buy me, buy me, buy me
and then you come along and say I have what you all need (earning free traffic credits in a fraction of the time needed to surf for them) for free.

Anyone surfing for credits will be interested in that and will open your link and signup. The response rates are great! Am I making money on it? NO at least not right away. But people are asking for help and are buying my solutions down the road and I have a list that is growing daily all on automatic.

Let me ask you a question? Would you buy something from someone you know that has helped you solve a problem before or a complete stranger first? The person you trust right?

As simple as this idea sounds it works online as well as offline.

Build trust and give value first before asking someone to give you their money and they will line up to give you money.

If you take the time to do this you will have endless credits coming in from hundreds of traffic exchanges all the time and people asking you if you have something they can buy from you to build their business. Try it and see.

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor and Business Builder

Jul 11, 2008

How Do You Get Good MLM Leads?

Someone new to network marketing posted this question on NetworkMarketingForum.com

I'm new to network marketing. I want to build up my downline. How do I get new good leads to accomplishthis goal? Also, I do not have a lot of money.

Great question!

Absolutely the best way to generate leads is to generate your own.

I have bought leads before but they don't know me and are hard to sell. No one likes to be sold.

I have tried everything out there and generating your own leads produces great results if done correctly.

So how do you generate the right kind of leads that want what youhave to offer right now? I have helped 1,000's of people do that and have documented the process on my blogs.

Here they are: http://Shop4Dreams.blogspot.com
and http://FrankTocco.blogspot.com

There's nothing to buy on these site so enjoy learning all about how you can generate all the targeted leads you'll ever need.

People actually email me asking to join my programs or purchase something. It's funny because I really do give it all away for free.

Travelig this journey with you....

Frank Tocco--MLM Mentor and Business Builder
P.S.--Discover Free Website Traffic Tips
by sending your name and email to: tips@shop4dreams.ws