Mar 5, 2011

SEO Training For Multi Product Sites

SEO Training For Multi Product Sites

SEO TrainingHere’s a quick SEO training tip. When setting up a new site I like finding multiple keyword variations and make multiple posts or pages centered around the main product keyword. Then I keep doing this with multiple products until I eventually have created a multi product site.

A multi product site is a site that promotes more than one product in the same niche. This works great if there are lots of products in that particular niche. With a multi product site you can keep growing your site over time, giving you more flexibility and higher profit potential in the long term.

The main advantage of a multi product site over a one product site, is you have more flexibility with the products and keywords you choose.

For example you might want to build a site that is about “cameras” in general and therefore can promote any brand of camera, not just one model of camera. What I do with this kind of site is start small like a one product site, with a few products and once I get traffic to these pages and am making money, I then add more pages promoting different products in the niche.

This allows you to have much larger sites over time, with the added advantage that you don’t have to build a new site just to make more money, you can just add more pages to your existing site. The other advantage of this site is that search engines like Google like to see sites that are growing, and becoming larger authority sites over time.

When you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) each page or post on your site has its own chance to rank at the top of Google. This means is that if you have more than one page talking about the same product and write about that product in a slightly different way on each page, you will get more pages indexed and ranking for those keywords.

A common mistake that newbies make is they think that their website ranks in Google when in reality it’s not a website that ranks in Google, but a web page, and every individual page has its own chance to rank for a keyword.

For example, one keyword might be a product name like ´ Ralph Lauren ´, and another keyword might be ‘ Ralph Lauren for men’ OR ‘ Ralph Lauren for women’.

New pages you add to these sites get indexed fast by Google and rank more easily too, where as starting with new sites takes time for Google to trust them.

If you choose this style of site then you need to still aim for the same target of at least three keywords each one getting 500+ exact match searches or higher in the local market.

NOTE: Another advantage of this style of site when you are an Amazon affiliate is that you can add a page that promotes a low priced item, which will most likely have less competition. The reason you would want to do this, is because although this product itself won’t bring you in much money it will increase your overall Amazon sales for the month. What this means is that you will move into the higher commission bracket.

Amazon starts you off at 4% commission, but if you sell 6 items, you move up to 6%. So the aim is to get those first 6 sales for a low ticket, high search volume keyword.

I also like to make the most of my backlinking efforts targeting the new keywords with a WordPress plugin called Automatic Backlink Creator. <== You can read more about that by clicking this link.

When you create a site with multiple products in the same niche, it is a good idea to have at least 3 to 5 buyer keyword variations of each product and write a story or new post centered around each keyword and soon you’ll have an authority site in your niche. It takes time to do this but if you target the keywords correctly, each time you add another product to your site, you’ll get more traffic and sales as the site keeps growing.

For more info on how to get backlinks and find buyer keywords, have a look at some of the related posts below.

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